• ansh agrawal

How thoughts can absolutely destroy you VS be life-changing

The best answers to tough questions always come from personal experience and realization.

A few days back, I was exhausted and felt like I was not productive. I wanted a break, but at the same time, I didn’t want to stop working—definitely a confusing situation. I wished to be productive but didn’t feel like working. All these emotions were very overwhelming and drained my emotional energy.

Thoughts on a car steering
Thoughts in a car

Based on my past experiences, I realized that having a solution-oriented mentality is very beneficial. Hence, I marched upon the journey to look for the root cause of this problem, to pluck it off, and move ahead in life.

The next day, I decided to lie down on my bed, think about the problem, and try to find what was causing it. At first, it was very frustrating since nothing popped up in my mind for a couple of hours.

But soon, my thoughts started to take meaningful shapes. I was nearing the end of the journey to find the root cause.

By the next hour, I had understood the cause and what a silly thing it was.

Before I let you know the cause and the reason why problems exist, let me give you a brief background about myself.

Currently, I am staying in my college hostel room alone with minimal social interaction. Hence, the majority of my day is spent sitting and working on my laptop. However, before Covid-19, it was very different. I was a person who loved to work with people in a team and not someone who liked sitting long hours alone on a laptop.

Now, coming back to the cause, it was actually a thought that I had been telling myself repeatedly in the past few days. That particular thought had been embedded in my brain in a subconscious form. The thought was, “I do not like sitting in front of my laptop for long, but instead, I want to work with people physically and in a team.”

I know that this might sound stupid to many people; when you think about it, it isn’t that foolish.

What happened was, this thought subconsciously overpowered me and took up space in my brain, repeatedly giving way to negative thoughts like “I do not want to work like this.”

And as we all know, what you tell yourself, is what you think and what you become. After all, you are nothing more than a cumulation of your thoughts.

A lot of people would argue that I was burned out or overworked, but I disagree.

I can be sure of the cause because I felt like working again as soon as I threw this thought out of my head. After uprooting this one negative thought and making sure it never torments my mind again, I was back to my joyous, enthusiastic self who loved to work.

There is one major takeaway from this experience, and that is "The root cause of all our problems is a thought that is embedded into our head in a conscious or subconscious form."

Let us take an example. Why are we all scared of ghosts?

Isn’t it because we were told to be scared of them in our childhood, and that thought was put into our heads? Try taking that thought out and ask yourself if you still feel the same way about ghosts. The answer would be a clear “No.

Please don’t take my experience as one of your own but instead create your own experiences. Think about the root cause of your underlying problem and give it a thought.I am sure this will help you find answers to all your problems.