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How does social media affect your mental health?

How does social media affect your mental health?

Social Media adversely affects mental health as it draws us away from reality!

It “EMPOWERS” us to be someone that we are not!

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It all starts with when you compare your worst with other people’s best on social media. We need to realize that no one will put their crying faces or trying times up there, they are going to put in their best stories, and you end up thinking that the person has a wonderful life, but you are wrong. Everyone has their own ups and downs, but most people show their ups and not downs. And frankly speaking, mental health is talking about your downs and accepting them.

And when the dynamics offered by social media and mental health are so different, one is bound to suffer and be suppressed. In most cases, mental health is the one that is compromised because we fear a reality.

Once people see the simple reality that most things up on social media are fake, most problems are solved.

Another major area where social media affects mental health is seeking social validation.

Let’s try to understand the human brain's psychology to better understand the world of social media validation and easily defeat it.

We, humans, are designed so that we want others to validate us, our looks, preferences, etc. Otherwise, we feel useless.

It is a complete loop that begins with wanting more likes, comments, and people appreciating us. If that happens, there is a sudden temporary rush of momentary happiness.

However, if it does not happen, you waste your time overthinking about it in negative ways, undervalue yourself, and fear sharing something again. Along with this, your brain is clogged up with loads of negativity at this time, and with this, you are unable to focus on something meaningful.

This leads to regret in the future, and sometimes if it exceeds a particular threshold, you end up depleting your mental health. And then, you are in such a state that you lose hope, and now at this point, it becomes even tougher to validate oneself from within. So now, you again need others to validate you and give you hope. Hence, the loop completes.

How do you get out of this and live a peaceful life?

If you are on social media, make sure that you have accepted that whatever you see is just one side of the coin. Once you realize that, you are good to go.

Do not expect anything from anybody. Expectations from others, when not fulfilled, is devastating. This is perhaps the most important reality and fact about life, but people do not want to realize it and support it with other baseless arguments because they do not want to accept the truth and fear it.

If I have to sum it up in one line, See reality the way it is, and accept some hard facts and truth about yourself and others.