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Share your feelings, struggles without fearing judgment through numbers

RealTalk is an anonymous social media app without the concept of "likes & "followers", for you to express your feelings, struggles & chat one-on-one with supportive peers.

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How to use RealTalk?

Step 1

Share your feelings, struggles, opinions, etc. with the RealTalk community, without any fear of judgment through numbers.

Step 2

Community members who can understand your pain & are willing to support you, will reach out to you to engage in a helpful conversation.

Our features

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There is no way to judge you on RealTalk...

We do not support the concept of the number of likes on a post, or followers for a person. This is your place to be your true self.

Finding a peer to talk to has never been easier...

Share your feelings, thoughts, struggles, or opinions on RealTalk. Peers that are willing to talk to you, and understand what you are going through, will directly reach out to you.

Founder's Message

Ansh Agrawal

CEO & Founder RealTalk

We have always looked for acceptance from others in the hopes of being understood, loved, and appreciated. Though social media can be a great way to meet new people, make friends and become connected, it has also become a way that we feel judged.


We crave the acceptance of ourselves from others in the form of the number of likes, comments, views, followers, etc., and when they don’t support us, we feel ashamed and lonely. And for all those reasons, we don’t feel completely comfortable showing our true selves online.


That is why I decided to build an app to share our feelings unfiltered and engage in genuine conversations with people who want to talk to us and understand us.

If you feel that RealTalk can help you open up & find support, I'd love for you to try it out.

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